@Rhettnecknation Follower Wins Signed CD and RWB Koozie for his Coke…or, Mug Root Beer

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Rhett Walker Band Signed CD

Twitter user @tee_marsh aka Tony Marshall is the lucky winner of an autographed Rhett Walker Band CD and RWB Koozie after being randomly selected by @Rhettnecknation – the band’s official fan Twitter account – once they reached 500 followers.

Tony was kind enough to tweet a picture of his winnings along with his tweet: “@Rhettnecknation @rhettwalkerband thanks for hooking me up with the free autographed cd and cool can koozie #thxRWB”

@Rhettnecknation replied, “Yay! Glad you got it! Rhett said he had no clue how to sign it so that’s why it says “hey pal friend :-)”

Then @rhettwalkerband answered: “@tee_marsh thank you brother. Enjoy! @rhettnecknation”

Congratulations, Tony! 🙂

If you’d like to have one of these RWB Koozies of your own, they sell for $5.00 on the band’s website. Just click the “Shop” photo in our left sidebar and you’ll be linked right into the band’s online store!

UPDATE: @Rhettnecknation just said there will be more contests soon! We’ll keep ya posted!

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  • Mama Quilla said on May 16, 2013 2:50 am

    I was hoping to win, but glad for this man and his can of root beer. I’m going to get one of those koozies … make a great conversation starter to tell people about some wonderful christian music.

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