The Stillness of the River

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Excerpts from the blog post “Come To The River” by Kristen.

KristenGod revealed to me this morning during our time together that I can find that stillness with Him any time I need it…

The song “Come To The River” by the Rhett Walker Band started playing softly in my soul. “Come to the river… oh and lay yourself down…. let your heart be found… you say come to the river… drink from the cup I pour… and thirst no more.” It just kept playing over and over and over again. I thought of a park in town that I take the boys to sometimes to throw rocks in the river. Of course! Even better than my back deck, it would be the perfect place to spend quiet time with God.

As I was driving there, I turned on the radio and wouldn’t you know, the words were playing there, too, audibly this time… “come to the river…” At this point I smiled, and almost cried, as I sang along to the words that were so clearly speaking to my heart.

I was overwhelmed. I was excited! What did God have in store for me this morning? What would I encounter at the river?

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