Deciding to Follow and Became a Rhett’Neck

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Rhett Walker BandA night of worship has proven to be more of a blessing than every anticipated.

As a music aficionado I am particular as to the concerts that I choose to attend and usually will try to get VIP, early access seats when possible as I don’t enjoy long lines and they tend to make the event more memorable.

So was the case this weekend as I had procured VIP meet and greet early access tickets to see The Rhett Walker Band in concert. I had tickets for both myself and my wife and we had planned to attend. Apparently there were some different decisions being made as my bride fell ill and was unable to attend. Out of the kindness of her heart and against the resistance of mine she convinced me to attend the show on my own.

I am one of those married men that do not have many other male friends and I do not usually go anywhere social without my wife in tow, I mean by my side.

However this evening I decided to go anyway, and figured I would just give away her ticket to someone and bless them in kind. After calling everyone I thought might enjoy a night out I ended up going to the show by myself with two tickets in hand.

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