Win an Autographed Come to the River CD and Support @RhettWalkerBand’s #BrokenMan

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We have a winner (randomly selected) 

Josh_Harrigan_iTunes copy


Winner of the contest  and the autographed CD is Josh Harrigan!

Josh will also get a “Here’s To th Ones” download compliments of RNN for also posting his comment on the first day of release.


as a big thank you to all who participated ALL will receive a free download of “Here’s To the Ones” as well.   Pay it forward,


Buy Broken Man, Listen to Broken Man, Rate Broken Man, and Comment on Broken Man

Thank You! 

Rhett Walker Band

It’s Great!


 1. Purchase Rhett Walker Band’s new single “Broken Man” from iTunes.

2.  Leave a comment on iTunes for “Broken Man”.  Why?  Because there may  be people unfamiliar with the band (whaaat? who are these people?)  and seeing A LOT of positive comments might help them decide to purchase.

3.  Rate Broken Man  on iTunes – see example above 😉

4.  Send an email to  stating that you are entering the contest – put “Broken Man Contest” in the Subject.   Include your real name and your iTunes user name that you used to leave the comment so we can  verify.

**  One entry per iTunes account.

** Minimum of 10 entries needed.

** BONUS!  IF YOU DO THIS BY THE END OF MARCH 25TH – ALSO WIN A “HERE’S TO THE ONES” CD  when it comes out on June 10th.  —  Help us get the first single release to the top of the charts on release day!

Start time: Release date March 25th

End time:  April 30th, 2014, Midnight PCT


Signed by Rhett, Kenny, Kevin, and Joe

The winner will be drawn at random and we will announce in early May. 

Feel free to leave a comment on this website  and tweet us @RhettNeckNation that you purchased a CD and left a comment (but you still need to email us to be entered into the contest).

Please  share  this post and Broken Man on iTunes on your Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts.   As Rhett said, “The more people know…well the more people know.”

Thank You!


  • Doc Cathy said on Mar 25, 2014 2:19 pm

    Clarification – we know that not everyone uses iTunes but the purpose of this particular contest is to to help promote Rhett Walker Band and Broken Man on iTunes on the day of release as well as going into the release of the album in June. Purchase Broken Man on iTunes, gift it to others, and let’s get it into the Top Ten of Christian and Gospel Song Chart.

    iTunes appears to be slow in approving comments – copy your comment in case you need to resubmit. If you know how – take a screen shot of your original comment and rating.. include this when you email us to help verify for the Bonus.

  • Doc Cathy said on May 3, 2014 9:23 pm

    Congrat’s Josh – and thank you to all who participated!

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