Rhett Walker Band Fun Facts!

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Rhett Walker Band

Rhett Walker

Rhett is always hungry but never finishes a meal.
“Yea that’s true.” – Everyone

Rhett is always ready.
“Y’all ready?” – Everyone

Rhett loves Fairs, Gas Stations and Rap music.
“Hashtag Beatzzz.” – Kenny Davis

Rhett Walker Band

The beardless Kenny Davis in 2007 with his bride Hilary.

Kenny has the best sense of smell, yet always stopped up.
“Single most sensitive nose I’ve ever met.” –  Joe Kane

Kenny cuts his on hair.
“More than anyone I’ve ever known.” – #mrkevin

Kenny loves dogs.
“Ahh man I love dogs.” – Kenny Davis

Kenny is good at all backyard games.
“Yep.” – Rhett

Rhett Walker Band

Joe Kane

Joe remembers everyone.
“Joe remembers everyone from every single place we’ve ever been.” – Kenny Davis

Joe is really good at eBay.
“So good he sometimes buys things on accident.” – #mrkevin

Joe loves “How to Train Your Dragon” and “Harry Potter.”
“I’ve never lost in trivia about ol HP” – Joe

Rhett Walker Band


#mrkevin is always snacking.

“He snacks so hard” – Rhett Walker

#mrkevin is the king of one liners.
“Yea he is.” – Kenny Davis

#mrkevin is always lost.
“He’s like a cat. He wanders and comes back for food” – Kenny Davis

#mrkevin loves space and science.

“I do love it so much.” – #mrkevin

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