Poll: “Downtown Tonight” What Do You Think?

Posted by TR Pennington on August 15, 2015 Polls | Uncategorized | Tags: , | 5 comments

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  • Robin said on Aug 15, 2015 10:11 pm

    Music is awesome, but don’t think the lyrics go along with my Christian values.

  • David Sharp said on Aug 15, 2015 11:09 pm

    It is not a song I would sing in my Sunday morning worship band but I think it is a cool song and nothing to be ashamed of.

  • TR Pennington said on Aug 16, 2015 11:00 am

    Thanks for the comments, Robin and David. Your feedback is appreciated!

  • Tim B said on Aug 20, 2015 8:43 pm

    Song is a great song not what I was expecting, if you have been blessed with a talent use it. Never forget how and who got you where you are. Awesome guys love RWB

  • jeanie@glacier-bear.com said on Sep 8, 2015 10:00 pm

    Oh, Rhett, I love you guys. I know your two albums by heart and love the heart from which you sing. Where’s Jesus in this song? I’m confused and I don’t understand what happened.

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