Rhett Walker Band’s New Single, “I Surrender” to release on 09/08/2017

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The Rhett Walker Band will be releasing their latest single, “I Surrender,” to Christian Radio stations across the country on September 08th, 2017.

According to their recently updated Official Website,

Rhett Walker says that the newest single “I Surrender” is about how lost he (Rhett) felt after turning 30 and realizing that even though it appeared as though his life had direction, internally, he was amidst chaos. “I Surrender” is the prayer and intention he set for his life at the beginning of 2017. Says Rhett, “Every avenue of our lives is not our own, and when we realize that and surrender it, we can actually find peace. My prayer changed from fix it, fix it, fix it, to I surrender it – my life, my family, my music…” “I Surrender” is a prayer that we all need to hold close with lyrics such as, “I surrender everything I am, I surrender my heart into your hands…”

“I Surrender” is the much anticipated return of the Rhett Walker Band to Christian Radio after the group considered calling it quits and later announced their complete disbandment in April 2016. As far as we know at this time, the only member returning from the original Rhett Walker Band line-up is the man himself. Rhett has recently updated his band’s Official Website and has taken to his Facebook Page and other social media outlets to announce the September release of “I Surrender.”

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