Rhett Walker Band Breaks Up, Plays Final Show

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UPDATE 09/08/17: The Rhett Walker Band is back with a new single, “I Surrender,” and a 3rd CD coming Spring 2018. Please visit our HOMEPAGE for the latest Rhett Walker Band news and show dates.

Well… as a HUGE Rhett Walker Band fan, this is the post I hoped I never had to write. In fact, I’ve put it off for so long (hoping the guys might change their minds for some reason) that the news is now nearly 2 months old.

But here it is:
The Rhett Walker Band has broken up.
They’ve called it a day.
There’s no more RWB.
They’re done.

You may have already heard the news, but in case you missed the band’s formal announcement via their Facebook Page, here’s the screenshot.

Rhett Walker Band

The Rhett Walker Band played their final show in Marion, IL on February 20th, 2016 at the Marion First Church of God. Thank goodness the show was caught on video by our buddy 3rdDayRocker! You can see his recording of Rhett Walker Band’s Farewell Concert in 4K at his YouTube channel.

Nicole Murphy also has some photos on her website.

I’ve decided to go ahead and renew this domain for at least another year to help keep the band’s memory alive online. Look through our archives and links for lyrics, videos, photos, etc. I may be adding some of my favorite RWB memories over time. 🙂

– TR


  • Robin said on Sep 3, 2016 10:09 am

    What does “The road we were on didn’t have room for trucks like us” mean?

  • Jeff said on Jan 19, 2017 8:39 pm

    i think it means that the record company would not allow them to do what they wanted to do. Record companies ruin many a great band.

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